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* Quality Not Quantity In The Solid & Multi-Colored Standard Poodle *  


We  do not support the cross breeding of our poodles with other breeds, therefore you will not find "Designer Dogs" being offered for sale from our home. 

Our puppies are born and raised in our non-smoking home as loving family members, being raised with other dog's and several kitty friends. Our puppies are whelped in our bed-room and then moved into the living area at 3-4 weeks of age. Adopting a canine companion is a serious commitment and we expend a great deal of time and care in matching the appropriate homes to one of our fur-kids. The puppies are ready to leave for their new homes after 9 weeks of age. Our puppies will have been temperament tested at 49 days of age using the Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Testing to help assure we are placing them into homes best suited for their individual temperament's.  We introduce them to Clicker Training while still in the whelping box starting at 3+ weeks of age within days of their first meals, and continue with short daily lessons until they leave for new homes. The pups will have been clicker trained to sit for food dish and not jump up as their initial training and then collar & leash training before leaving for homes. House Breaking is introduced as soon as the pups are showing signals that we can read to bring them outside to "potty", normally about 5 weeks of age as the weaning from Mama begins.  Crate Training is initially introduced at 4-5 weeks of age using an open door crate in their sleeping areas and their outside play areas., and then a closed door crates by 8 weeks. We have introduced some of the harder parts of puppy-hood using all positive reinforcements, if you follow our daily routine your pups potty accidents will be slim to none when you  bring them home.

Our interest in one of our puppy owner's does not end with the sale of the puppy. We enjoy and encourage the continued contact with all owners of our pup's, our interest lasts for the lifetime of the dog. We will continue to help with any questions or problems that may arise with your puppy into their adulthood & their senior years. Owner's of a Dog Daycare & Learning Center, we are always available for boarding & daycare for our puppy buyers as well.

Our puppies are Registered with the American Kennel Club, they will go to new homes with limited AKC registration & pedigree, veterinarian health certificate, current vaccination record appropriate for their age,  microchip and de-worming (We fecal test starting at 2 weeks, rather than automactically de-worming). An item with the scent of their momma and siblings on it will accompany them into their new homes. We follow ** Dr. Jean Dodd's minimal vaccination protocol for our pup's and our adult dogs. We also prefer holistic healing modalities, as needed. 

Our puppies have been assured the best possible nutritional start. We feed a combination of quality kibble along with home cooked & raw diet's. Our adult dogs & pups are given daily Multivitamin's as well as Salmon &/or  Coconut Oil.

We aim to improve upon our Standard poodle's with each litter we breed. Our focus is on diverse, lower COI pedigree's with a goal of strong healthy immune systems, sound temperament's with a solid Working Gun-Dog structure. By health testing our dog's prior to any breeding we are hopeful to produce longer lived family companion's. Our litters are planned well in advance by researching the "whole dog", to include their temperament, health and conformation. Each litter is planned around Quality Not Quantity. 

Our goal is to produce well conformed, excellent tempered dog testing clear of genetic problems for the ultimate in family companionship. On occasion our poodles may bless their owner's in the AKC/UKC show rings, obedience and as performance poodles. Our adult's & puppies have shown working minds for Hunting, Scent work, Service & Therapy work, but their most important job will always remain our family companion's.

VIDEO: Adam & Andy work on open & close a kitchen drawer @ 15 weeks.


We guarantee our pups for genetic health issues that are prevalent in Standard Poodles.  Companion puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts with limited AKC Registrations. On occasion, we may have an exceptional puppy that we feel will make a great show prospect.  Show quality pups may be available on co-ownerships until all genetic testing has been done to the breeder’s satisfaction, and the dog has reached two years of age. Contact Bonnie for more Information.

**We prefer to meet our puppies new family in person & therefore we do not ship our pups alone as air cargo. New puppy owner's will need to fly into Boston, MA or Manchester, NH to accompany our puppy's flight to your home as your "Carry-On Baggage".  We can arrange to meet you at either airport and hotel's located in  Amesbury, MA & Haverhill, MA are close to our home.

Below is just a small sample of how we raise our babies. Spend some time on our website looking through the many photo's & video's to see our every day life with our poodles. If you have a desire in purchasing a puppy from one of our future litter's, please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION & email to * pudelpaw@yahoo.com

VIDEO: Clicker lesson at 5 weeks old. A lured sit & for not jumping on edge of box.  *8-26-2011


VIDEO: Pup's first Introduction to clicker training is in the whelping box at 27 days old.  *8-18-2011



VIDEO July 2012: Clicker lesson's for two of Shane & Stella's pup's at 51 day's old * Clicked & treated for not jumping up on my leg's & choosing to sit or  "watch".

* Java X Aidan Litter arrived July 5, 2014 *

We are accepting Applications for 1 male (brown & apricot phantom pattern) Service Dog or Therapy Canidate & 1 female (solid brown) for an active owner, "Bitty" is a great performance prospect* The pups are crate trained, pace at glass slider door to go out to potty or bump your knee to ask to go out, raw fed, minimal vaccine protocol, clicker trained to sit, down, touch, wait, watch me, with me, target trained to objects, leash trained, conditioned to weekly baths and grooming and ready for their new loving homes and ready to enter obedience classes.

This litter is an exciting diverse, low COI litter ( 10 Generations 0.27 % * 12 Generations 0.79 %) with a 39.07 % of Wycliffe influence. We will be seeking family Companion & Performance homes.  The potential for Service Dog canidate's is a hopeful as well.

UKC Grand Champion Dam & UKC Champion Sire, fully health tested, both are AKC Canine Good Citizens. Pups started their exposure to Clicker training starting at 4 weeks of age in the whelping box. Pups will be sold with limited AKC papers with spay & neuter contracts.

*We do not remove our pups dew-claws and also prefer natural tails * This litter is natural tailed.

**Click here for Information on  Java X Aidan's litter *

9/18/14: Java's Green collar boy, Clicker lesson at 10 Wks, 5 days. Leash Work, Stand, Touch, Watch, Sit, With Me.

17 weeks old below on 11/3/14 : Green collar boy & yellow girl are available to loving homes. For more Info & recent photos visit the Java X Aidan's litter page.


If you have a desire in purchasing a puppy from one of our litter's, please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION & email to * pudelpaw@yahoo.com

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