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\Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our Standard Poodles!

We are located 40 minutes north of Boston, MA. We reside on several acres of property that is surrounded by hundreds of acres of farm land in a quiet country setting abutting Lake Attitash in Merrimac, MA where our dogs enjoy swimming. 

Bonnie owns & operates a Dog Daycare & Learning Center on our property, making for well socialized dogs with people and other pets.

We welcome visitors by appointment to our home to visit our dogs, those who have a sincere & honest desire to own a puppy from a current litter. Bonnie frequents the UKC Conformation & performance events in the New England area, We are happy to have folks come meet us at these events as well. Feel free to email Bonnie to confirm dates of when she may be present at an event. We believe our dog's to be the ultimate in low allergy family companion's, our breeding plans are very limited, therefore a waiting list is accepted for future pup's.  Our dog's are available for Therapy work by request.  Please feel free to view the many articles & links of interest at the bottom of this page, we only post what we personally believe in for the health & tempers of our own dog's and wish to share this information with our puppy families. ***Appointments to visit when we have a litter available require a few days notice as we are a very busy family and may have other plans already in place. We do not have kennels or "facilities" this is our home and our dogs are all house dogs.

Bonnie & John Buckley

Merrimac, MA


pudelpaw @ yahoo.com


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