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Swift Water Standard Poodles

* Quality Not Quantity In The Solid & Multi-Colored Standard Poodle *  

** Java & Shane's Pups were whelped on 7-22-11 * Java delivered 4 pup's but sadly 2 were "still born". She has 2 male pup's who are maturing beautifully. Her 2 boy's are Andy, a Black & Apricot Phantom and Adam, a Brown & Apricot Phantom.

Watch the Boy's "Growing up", weekly photo links are at the bottom of this page.  If we get behind on updating this page, please feel free to visit their Photo's &/or Video's on  Facebook. *Watch the Pup's on Webcam HERE!

UKC Grand Champion Phantom Dam, Java  X UKC Champion Phantom Sire, Shane.

These pups have high drive for performace work, family companions & Service/Therapy pups.  This is Java's first litter at 3.5 years old, and may possibly be her only offspring with Shane. Health testing information can be found on their own pages. 

Java "alerts" to on-coming migraine headaches, trigeminal neuralgia pain episodes, blood sugar drops and is very geared into emotions, we are hoping she passes these special traits along to her kids. Java is very athletic with a friendly nature who is very intuitive. She is our all day long retriever who wishes she could live in the Lake but she is just as happy to lay on the bed all day if that is what you are up for. She has an incredible nose & excels at Scent work. Java is a smaller girl at 38 Lbs & 22".  Shane has a wonderful dense coat, very gentle easy going nature for therapy work, he is really "into" his people, great eye contact and a super "what can I do for you" pleasing attitude. His tail is always in happy motion. He is eager to retrieve balls & bumpers on land, he does enjoy the water but is not an all day long swimmer like our other dogs. Shane & Java have full dentition & fabulous under jaws, and they have passed this along to their pups. Java & Shane's crossing is an incredibly low COI breeding not seen very often in Standard poodles.  It is our hope to bring forth genetically sound, stable minded, beautiful conformed babies with a desire to do what ever it is you need them to do for your family.

Genetic Information for Shane & Java Pup's, view their PEDIGREE.

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) is calculated up to a maximum of 12 generations. For information on what the COI figure means, see http://www.canine-genetics.com/relation.htm, particularly where it discusses the inbreeding coefficient. For a more complete discussion of genetic principles, visit the Canine Diversity Project.

10-generation COI 0.21%
12-generation COI 0.80%

Top 5 ancestors contributing to COI, in order of influence:

AM CH Haus Brau Executive Of Acadia TP 0.09%
AM/CAN CH Langcroft Country Pride 0.07%
AM CH Dassin Debauchery 0.05%
AM CH Winshire's Country Gentleman 0.05%
AM CH Jocelyene Marjorie 0.03%

4 Days below * 7-26-11

7 Days old below *7-29-11

Watch the Pup's on their Webcam HERE!

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 7-13 * The Neo-Natal Period

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 14-20 * The Transitional Period

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 21-27  * The Awarness -Identification Period

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 28-34 * The Second Awareness -Identification Period

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 35-41 * 5 Weeks

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 42-48 * 6 Weeks

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 49-55 * 7 Weeks * Volhard Temperament Tests completed on Day 49*

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CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 63-69 * 9 Weeks

CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 70-83 * 10 & 11 Weeks

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