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* Quality Not Quantity In The Solid & Multi-Colored Standard Poodle *

Aidan & Java's pups arrived on July 5, 2014 arriving between 7:16AM until 10:52 AM.  2 dark brown boys (both have the phantom apricot colored "vent" pattern under their tails) & 3 solid dark brown girls. Sadly, one girl was "still born". We suspected Aidan may carry the phantom Gene from his maternal line and was pleasantly surprised to see pups with the start of phantom markings. As the weeks progress the patterned pups may develop all the phantom markings just like their Mom & 1/2 siblings (Adam & Andy) also have. At the bottom of this page you will find links to FACEBOOK photos albums of the pups as they grow. 

*We are accepting Applications for 1 male Service Dog or Therapy Canidate & 1 female for an active owner, she's a great performance prospect* Pups are crate trained, pace at glass slider door to go out to potty or bump your knee to ask to go out, raw fed, minimal vaccine protocal, clicker trained to sit, down, touch, wait, watch me, with me, target trained to objects, leash trained, conditioned to weekly baths and grooming. Ready for their new loving homes and to enter some obedience classes.

This litter is an exciting diverse, low COI litter ( 10 Generations 0.27 % * 12 Generations 0.79 %) with a 39.07 % of Wycliffe influence. We will be seeking family Companion & Performance homes.  The potential for Service Dog canidate's is a hopeful as well.

UKC Grand Champion Dam & UKC Champion Sire, fully health tested, both are AKC Canine Good Citizens. Pups will be sold with limited AKC papers with spay & neuter contracts.

Both Aidan & Java are fully health tested and those results are linked at the bottom of their own page's.

* UKC Champion Aidan X UKC Grand Champion Java *

This litter should have excellent drive for Performance home's. Both Aidan & Java have high ball drive & very "birdy" poodle's, both swim, retrieve bumper's, balls & dokken ducks in water & on land. They have been exposed to ducks as well as Gun-fire with good results. Altho', neither have had any formal hunt training they both have high drive for the Sport and we expect some of their pup's to have their same natural Gun-Dog desire. We expect most of the litter to be in need of active owner's with a desire to attend training classes.

Java "alerts" to on-coming migraine headaches, trigeminal neuralgia pain episodes, blood sugar drops and is very geared into emotions, we are hoping she passes these special traits along to a few of her kids for Service Dog canidate's. Java is very athletic with a friendly nature who is very intuitive. She is our all day long retriever who wishes she could live in the Lake but she is just as happy to lay on the bed all day if that is what you are up for on that day. She has an incredible nose & excels at Scent work. Java is a smaller girl at 38 Lbs & 21".

The litter was introduced to clicker training starting at 4 weeks of age while still in the whelping box. They were Volhard temperament tested at 49 days to better guide us in their placement for their new owner's. We believe this litter to be the very best of our Poodles and have waited for Aidan to mature 5+ years for this union. Both are AKC Canine Good Citizen's with Java holding spot's in the UKC Top Ten Multicolored Poodle's in the Country since 2009. Click HERE* to visit Java's 2011 litter with our UKC Champion Shane.

This has been a long awaited litter & we are very pleased with the pups Aidan & Java produced for our future.   

5 generation Pedigree of this Litter: Aidan X Java

*Below you will find linked FACEBOOK photo albums & Videos * On the Facebook albums, you might have to right click and open in new tab.

Most recent photos of Aidan & Java * 4-12-14

Most recent photos of Java * 5-7-14

Most recent photos of Aidan * 6-12-14 & on  6-20-14

**You will be able to watch the pups during weekdays on the *WEBCAM HERE


Photos of Java's pups on their Birthdate * 7-5-14

*The pups were born on July 5th, the same date  that Elvis Presley recorded his famous "That's All Right (Mama)", so the pup's will all be Registered with Elvis "B" Songs. 

Photos of pups on day 2 * 7-6-14

Video: Pups & Mama Java on the WebCam *7-7-14

Photos of pups on day 4 * 7-8-14

Video: Pups & Mama Java on the WebCam *7-8-14

Video: Pups & Mama Java on the WebCam *7-10-14

Photos of pups on day 6 *7-11-14

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 7-13 * The Neo-Natal Period

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 14-20 * The Transitional Period

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 21-27  * The Awareness -Identification Period

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 28-34 * The Second Awareness -Identification Period

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 35-41 * 5 Weeks

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 42-48 * 6 Weeks

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 49-55 * 7 Weeks * Volhard Temperament Tests on Day 49*

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 56- 62 * 8 Weeks * Conformation Evaluations

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 63-69 * 9 Weeks

*CLICK HERE FOR DAY'S 70-83 * 10 & 11 Weeks


If you have a desire in purchasing a puppy from this litter,  please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION & email to * pudelpaw@yahoo.com  

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