AKC/UKC Bobs Bounty L'Oreal  

"Ashes" ~ Brown & apricot Sable Phantom female - 12 August 2008  

**Ashes is no longer showing, she leads a relaxed life with her own family now**

25 July 09 * 11 months.  Best Female, Best of Winners,  Westfield, MA Shows


June 2009

* Growing up *


 Ashes at 9 weeks 


Milestone Abyssinian [Black]
Safari's North Eastern Storm [White]
AM CH Safari's Shamus [White]
AM CH Ted-El Halo Top Contender [White]
AM CH Eaton Affirmed TP [Black]
AM CH Ted-El Torchy Lane [Black]
AM CH Safari's Signature [White]
AM CH Safari's Signet [White]
AM CH Safari's Soubrette [White]
AM CH Safari's Lissom [White]
AM CH Eaton Entourage [White]
AM CH Eaton Tsavo TP [Black]
AM CH Eaton Evita [Black]
AM CH Safari's Finesse [White]
AM CH Alekai Apropos [White]
AM CH Safari's Evensong [White]
Milestone's Lovely Lola [Black]
Gatekeeper's Ama Jak Rufgate [Black] 
T R's Abel Regent [Black] 
AM CH Wendys Black Tie Affair [Black]
Alana's Mystical Moment [Cream]
Brookview Oh What A Trip [Brown] 
Troubador Von Shangri-La [Brown]
Brookview Mai Tai [Brown] 
Le Dan's Brown Eyed Beulah [Black]
Jada Quincy [Apricot]
Jolette's Red Bud [Cafe Au Lait]
Lady Rachel Of Lothlorien [White]
Jada Lady Miranda [Brown]
Nash Flash's Mousse [Brown]
Amanda Jonette [Brown]
Bobs Bounty Stella [Cream]
Gamarra's Quote The Raven [Black]
Molly's Bow Beauregard [Cream] 
Maximillian Golden Bear
Fern Croft's Sugar Bear [CREAM]
Cochran's Ebony Princess [BLACK]
Coco Stormy Night [Black]
Deaton's Austin Star
Defoor's Bashful Buffy
Molly Mae's Meadow [Black] 
Hart's Black Suede [Black] 
Fellas Best Chance [Brown] 
Shady Grove's Sweet Cashmere [Cream] 
Hart's Touch Of Velvet [Black] 
Shady Grove's Firey Allante [Red]
Shady Grove's Illusive Mirage [Black] 
Gamarra China Beach [Cream] 
Sir Duncan Of Muddledge [Cream]
Mystic Moon Star-Fire [Black]
Thursday's Zephyr [Black] 
Thursday's Aishah [Black] 
Milestone's Brown Eyed Belle [Cream]
Milestone'scarryapollo tothesun [Cream]
Prophecies Told By Athena [BLACK]
Muddledge Peggy Souix [Black]
Mozart's Lost In The Woods [Blue]
Beresford Mozart [Black]
Majestic Magdalana [Red]
Chantel Annettes Lyon [Black]
South St Manderly Just Danny [Black]
Cajun's Late Nite Sparta [Black]