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A well-exercised dog is a happier, healthier, better-behaved dog!

Bonnie Buckley - (Owner & Operator). Bonnie is a life-long animal welfare advocate, a former animal control officer & animal inspector for the towns of Merrimac & Amesbury, MA.  Bonnie  operated an All-breed,  no-kill animal shelter and the Rottweiler Rescue League for New England from her home for numerous years, she is a past member of the New England Rottweiler Fanciers. Bonnie was formerly the Health care coordinator and adoption counselor for the Merrimac River Feline Rescue Society in  Salisbury, MA and worked for Refreshing Paws Pet Grooming in Merrimac for over 10 years. Bonnie has devoted over 20 years into the rescue and rehab of domestic and wild animal's, she has obedience trained & behavior modified hundred's of canine's awaiting adoptive homes. Folks who know Bonnie will tell you that they cannot recall a time when she was not working with or involved in animal care.  Bonnie grew up with Working & Herding breed's and a handful of all-American mix breeds, she  has worked with all breeds of dog's from Great Dane's to Toy poodles. Bonnie currently owns Prima, an imported Canaan Dog and she enjoys Conformation showing & performance events with her Standard Poodle's and is a "foster mom" to Buffy a Shiba Inu from Okinawa, Japan. Also, she is loved by several house kitties. Bonnie is the Founder of "Military Mascots"  a non-profit volunteer group for US Soldier's who have adopted pets while they are deployed Overseas. Bonnie has worked with deaf dogs and has extensive hands-on experience working with shelter & rescue dogs and canine behavior's from her years of rescue and rehabilitation work. 

Bonnie with Java. UKC Grand Champion, the #5 Multi-Color Standard Poodle in the Nation for 2009, #8 in 2010, held #4 spot in June 2011 and tied for #9 spot in August 2012 with her 10 Mos. old Champion son. Java is the first Brown & Apricot Phantom Grand Champion Standard Poodle in UKC history..

Bonnie with Shane. UKC Champion, the #10 Multi-Color Standard Poodle in the Nation for 2009.

David Buckley: (Part-Time Daycare Attendant): Dave grew up in his mother's foot steps...living amongst animal rescue work, obedience training, and a parade of whatever domestic or wild animal was brought into his home! Dave literally learned to walk with the help of his first Rottweiler "Jobondae's Shadow" pulling himself up using her back-side as his guide. In his school years he often assisted Bonnie with wildlife lectures and was always "on-call" during animal control calls. Like his mother, he is a lifelong animal advocate and your pet's will always be in kind & knowledged hands with Dave! Dave's four footed friend is Doug, a "way too cute" Beagle who has a nose and voice that does not quit! Doug excels on all the agility equipment and is sure to give all the daycare dog's a run for their money!

Dave with Dougie, Nick & Prima

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